Sixth Class Booklist

Scoil Náisiúnta Mhuire, Rathpeacon.

Rang a Sé   2017 – 2018

Gaeilge:          Bun Go Barr 6 (CJ Fallon)*

Irish/ English – English /Irish Dictionary (keep from 5th)


English:           Folens Revised Spellings and Tables*

Class novels – supplied through the book loan scheme*

Literacy Leap 6

Collins Gem English Dictionary (Adult version)


Maths:             Busy at Maths 6*

Busy at Maths Shadow Book 6

Master Your Maths 6


Religion:         Friends in Faith: My Confirmation Year


SESE:              Unlocking SESE 5th Class Folens *

Modern Atlas for Irish Primary Schools – Philips*


Music:             A tin whistle in the Key of D (available in Pro Musica)


Please have

Basket for Books

A4 ringbinder &10 subject dividers

1 x A4 and 1 x A3 plastic wallets (keep from last year)

3 x Large tubes of Pritt Stick (label please)

1 highlighter

3 x Fine tipped black permanent marker

3 x Fine tipped black whiteboard markers

7 x 120 page copies

3 x 120 page Maths copies

2 x B4 Handwriting copy

1 x 100 pg notebook

3 x Hardback notebooks (A4 size, 160+ pages)

1 x Refill Pad

1 packet of square post-its

Mathematical Set (compass, protractor etc)

1 large scrap book

1 rubber, 1 parer, 1 long ruler

Colouring pencils/twistables

  • blue biros, 2 red biros, 2 pencils

1 x child safety scissors

  • Books, copies, pritt stick, uniform, tracksuit and school jacket must be labelled for return to school.


Note* All books marked with an asterisk and in bold are available on the book loan scheme.

 Cost €30.00. This is payable in September to Parents’ Association and not to the school.

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