Classroom Activities

Each class in the school participated in some different, unusual and fun Maths lessons this week.  Have a look at the slideshows below to see some of the ways Maths Week was celebrated around Rathpeacon NS.

First/Second Class – Ms Dennehy

Ms Dennehy’s Class took advantage of the dry weather on Friday and took their Maths lesson outside.  The class worked hard to complete a Maths Trail.

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Second Class – Mrs Coleman

Mrs Coleman’s Class completed a Maths Trail too, as well as creating some “Maths Abuot Me” Art and exploring shapes with tangrams.  Have a look at their photos below…

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Fifth/Sixth Class – Mr Duggan

Mr Duggan’s class created a street scene using a collage technique.  They cut paper into a variety of 2D shapes before combining these shapes to create beautiful pictures.

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Sixth Class – Ms Brennan

Sixth Class did some “Marth” (Maths / Art) to get creative during Maths.  There was a range of activities happening and a variety of skills on show as you’ll see in the photographs.  The pupils worked to complete three projects – Radial Symmetry, Disappearing Shapes and Floating Spheres.

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