Staff & B.O.M.

School Staff
Principal: Mrs. Susanna O’Neill
Deputy Principal: Mrs. Mary O’Brien
Ms. Niamh Brennan
Ms. Fia O’Farrell
Mrs. Siobhan Coleman
Mrs. Mary Crowley
Mrs. Yvonne McMahon
Ms. Irene O’Brien
Mrs. Sarah Kenneally
Ms. Maria Watson
Ms. Caroline Dennehy
Ms. Hazel Griffin
Ms. Patrice Spillane
Ms. Áine Murphy
Mr. Julian O’Donoghue
Ms. Michelle Crowley
Mr. Mike Sheehan
Ms. Claire Ryan
Ms. Nora Thérese O’Mahony
Ms. Aileen Twomey
Ms. Aislinn McGrath

Special Needs Assistants:

Mrs Teresa O’Driscoll

Ms Aisling Ruane

Ms Mona Coughlan

Mrs. Michelle Murray

Mrs. Eithne Gowan

Ms. Patricia Murphy

Visiting Teachers:
Ms. Annette Smith – Speech & Drama
Mr. Ally Futto – Gymnastics
School Secretary:
Mrs. Catherine O’Sullivan
School Caretaker:
Mr. Con O’Sullivan


Board of Management

Our school operates under the Rules for National Schools of the Department of Education and Science.

The Board of Management is charged with the direct governance of the school, the appointment of teachers and the day to day maintenance and administration of the school. The authority of the Principal, who is responsible for the daily running of the school, derives from the Board of Management.

The Chairperson of the Board corresponds with the Department of Education and all outside bodies.

At present these are the members of the board:

Chairperson:  Mr. Frank Maguire

Principal:        Mrs. Susanna O’Neill

Patrons’ Nominee:

Fr. Anthony Sheehan

Teachers’ Nominee:

Mrs. Mary O’Brien

Parents’ Nominee:

Mrs. Susan Turtle

Mr. Richard Daly

Representatives of the Wider Community:

Mr Paddy Cronin

Mrs. Fiona Monahan

Members of the Board undertake to manage the school in accordance with the regulations of the Department of Education and are required to keep confidential all matters discussed at the meetings unless otherwise advised.

One thought on “Staff & B.O.M.

  1. I am vary impressed in general with work that I see in school, the teachers are working together very good to give the kids what they deserve there is always great atmosphere, creativity and positive energy, they have great team work between teachers and students so that children of all levels and ability have equal opportunities to shine i have personally witnessed this in action over the past seven years while I have been teaching gymnastics there. I am very happy and extremely proud to have a chance to share my knowledge in this school, and I would like to wish continued success in the future.
    Ally Futto.

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