Maths Week 2017

This weeks puzzle…for First to Sixth.  Can you turn this triangle around by moving 3 counters?


This weeks puzzle…for Infants!  Jack went to school for 6 hours every day, he spent 2 hours eating and 3 hours on after-school activities.  If he was up for a total of 12 hours everyday, how much time did he spend playing with his toys?



Puzzle 2….for First to Sixth.  How many squares do you see?


Puzzle 2 …. for Infants.  Farmer O’Neill had 4 sheep, 2 dogs and 1 hen.  How many legs do the animals have altogether?



Well done to Robert in Fourth Class who solved puzzle 1 (below) and was pulled out of the draw this morning!

Puzzle 1 – What is the missing number?  Can you work it out?  All answers on a piece of paper including your name and class before Friday!  Post your answers into the box outside Mrs Coleman’s room.