Physical Activity

As well as weekly PE lessons with their class teacher and sessions with visiting coaches, there are plenty of other opportunities given to our pupils to be active and get moving!

Movement Breaks

Every class enjoys movement breaks during the day. This might involve a dance session, jogging, going for a walk or playing a quick game in the yard.

The 12 Days of Fitmas

Bizzy Breaks

In November 2021, our school committed to an active – bizzy – break at 10 o’clock every day for the full month. Every day in November, every pupil and staff member got up and got moving. Have a look at some of our ‘Bizzy Breaks’ in the video below! We’ve noticed a big difference and are already planning for more challenges like this in the future!

Golden Time

This is a real high point in the week for many boys and girls. Classes at the senior end of the school can choose from a variety of sports equipment and activities for their “golden time.”

Spooky Stroll 2021

For Halloween, each class took part in a spooky stroll / Halloween parade! Boys and girls from Junior Infants to Second Class went on a short loop around the school. Senior classes did a longer walk along the new footpath on the Mallow Rd. We got lots of support from our neighbours and from passing cars!

Early Morning Laps

Our SNAs start each day with some laps of the school yard. They’re definitely leading the way in our quest for an active flag!