Puzzle of the Day

A new puzzle will appear here EVERY day…can you solve the puzzle before the time runs out? (You have until 11o’clock tomorrow).

Thursday, 15th October


How many triangles can you see in this cat?

Wednesday, 14th October


The object of this puzzle is to connect all sixteen stars above with exactly 6 connected straight lines…without lifting your pencil off the paper.  The lines should go through the centre of each star.

Monday, 12th October


Each of the 5 men (A – E) need to get to their respective house.  The problem is to discover how these five men can make these five routes without anyone crossing the route of another.  In other words no more than one route is allowed through any box.  The men are allowed to move vertically and horizontally but never diagonally.  Can you solve this challenge?!

Friday, 9th October

Will anyone beat Ms Dennehy?!?!

This fish is swimming left…can you move THREE matchsticks and make him swim to the right?


Thursday, 8th October

Put all eleven pieces into the 5×5 board so that each row, column and main diagonal (highlighted) contains different digits – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. No piece is rotated or flipped and no pieces overlap.


Wednesday, 7th October

A new day…a new puzzle!!  How many squares can you see?


Tuesday, 6th October

Can you draw this game of Hopscotch shown here in the picture without taking your pencil off the paper OR going along the same line twice?  Good luck!


The solution will be online at 11am tomorrow, along with a new puzzle!