Where’s Wally?

IMG_0520.JPGThere are currently 6 ‘Wally’s hidden around the school.  Keep your eyes peeled…they could be anywhere!

Each time Wally is found the finder gets a token for themselves and class point.  At the moment the two Third classes are in the lead – they have found Wally four times!  There are a couple of classes hot on their heels though!  The competition is running up until next Thursday – 9 March, so make sure you keep looking!

In the meantime…can you spot Wally here?  (Be the first up to tell me where he is for a bonus token and class point!!)

Where's Wally beach scene
image sent by Walker books press office
COMPULSORY CREDIT:  ONE TIME USE ONLY Where's Wally?   1987-2011 Martin Handford  WHERE'S WALLY? 25TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION published in 2011 by Walker Books Ltd.

Well done to Tiana who earned a bonus point for herself and her class by finding Wally below:


These pages are taken from the original book “Where’s Wally?” By Martin Handford