Pancake Tuesday!


Hello Everyone! Today is Pancake Tuesday! Pancakes are my favourite food!

Mona was making delicious pancakes this morning and when we asked her how many she made, she said; ‘Just Under 400 pancakes’ Four Hundred Pancakes! Can you believe that?!

‘I stopped on the way to work this morning and I bought eggs, nutella, lemons, sugar, olive oil and flour’ Mona explained.

Mona let us help her with making the pancakes. Aisling Eitne and me were Mona’s helpers!

Just out of interest I asked Mona, were pancakes her favourite food. ‘No’ she said. ‘But I do love roast vegetables!’

We walked to the staff room and I stood outside the staff room door because I told Ciara and Eadaoin that I was part of the staff now!

Mona said she loves making pancakes and she was happy to make them for all the children and teachers!

Mona looked exhausted from the baking so we asked her was it tiring making pancakes. With an exaggerated sigh, ‘YES!’ she exclaimed

Before I headed off, Mona asked me a special favour. ‘Can you call 6 children from Miss Watson’s class please?’ ‘Yep!’ I called. She then had to cook up even more pancakes!

I dare say I could eat 400 pancakes!

As a special request, I got Mona to make ME a pancake! It was one of the nicest pancakes I had ever tasted! I put nutella on my pancake.

We asked Mona what was her favourite thing to do in school and she told us that she loves helping people.

At long last, I skipped off back to Miss Brennan’s class, and brushed my teeth.

I had an amazing Pancake Tuesday and I hope Mr. Duggan doesn’t mind that I broke the rules for Fit4Feb!

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