Staff v. Sixth Basketball Match



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The annual Staff v Sixth challenge match was played in glorious sunshine today.  A very strong team of Sixth Class boys and girls faced off against the teachers.  Ms Dennehy was our referee for the occasion and she did a fantastic job controlling two (at times very unruly) teams!

The match was all square after the first quarter and then the pupils upped a gear in the second quarter and stormed in front with a two pointer!  There was panic in the staff ranks as they tried to draw level but at half time Sixth Class maintained their lead.

Mrs O’Neill led the staff team during the third quarter and she inspired some fantastic play to not only level the match but to draw ahead!  All of a sudden the staff were in front 4-2!  There was a sense of jubilation on the sideline from all staff members!

Sixth Class were not finished however and Laura managed to score a fantastic shot to level the match again in the final quarter 4-4 with only minutes left on the clock.  The play moved from end to end with no score for either side until the very last minute….Mr Sheehan managed to score to snatch the victory for the staff once more!  After a close fought match, the staff’s unbeaten record remains intact!