Happy National Tree Day!

Today, 5th October is National Tree Day.  The tree council of Ireland provided some schools with a free “whip” (or very young tree).


Ms. Brennan’s Sixth Class planted the young oak tree that had arrived in the post last week.  Our new oak will be named tomorrow and will hopefully be growing in Rathpeacon for years to come.  It could still be standing in 1000 years!

We cut a T shaped hole in the ground before planting the oak.  We surrounded the tree with 3/4 layers of wet newspaper – oak tree need a LOT of water.  The newspaper should also encourage the worms who will help aerate the soil.  We are going to make sure our oak tree has plenty of water for the next few weeks….with care, attention and a lot of patience, we should have acorns in 20 years!!!