Sciath na Scol Sixth Class Girls

This is something really special – our Sixth Class girls Sciath na Scol team missed out on their camogie matches this term.  In fact, they were scheduled to play their first match on 12th March!  What a season it might have been!

But our girls will never be held back for long!

Thanks to Selina and Ava for putting this all together and sending it in to us – absolutely lovely to see!


4 thoughts on “Sciath na Scol Sixth Class Girls

  1. This was SO lovely to get, girls. Really nice to see you all…ye’ve all grown up so much! Thank you for going to the trouble of making it and sending it in. Love it! 🙂

  2. Aww I love this! 😃 It’s so nice to see our lovely 6th class on this video. Thanks for sharing! Ye are stars!

  3. Thanks Selina this was fab.. Pitty they never got to play a game together this year. This is a lovely keepsake x

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