Absences from School

Absences from School

By law, every child must attend school regularly up to sixteen years of age or complete at least three years post primary, whichever comes later. It is mandatory for the school to report all absences in excess of 20 days to the National Educational Welfare Board (N.E.W.B.).

Procedures for Parents/Guardians re. Explanation of Absences.

  • All absences from school must be explained in writing to the Class Teacher/Principal when the child returns to school.
  • Children from 1st – 6th classes have a section in their Homework Journal for notes re: Absences.  Parents of children in Infant Classes will have an ‘Absence Booklet’ to fill in on the child’s return to school.
  • A phone call to the school office explaining the child’s absence, while welcome, is not sufficient. All absences must be explained in writing.
  • For significant absences (greater than ten school days) due to illness the school requires a doctor’s certificate.
  • When a child has reached in excess of 20 days absence the parent will be informed by way of a letter from the school Principal. It is mandatory for the school to report all absences in excess of 20 days to the NEWB in quarterly returns.
  • Where the school is concerned about excessive unexplained/not credible absences, the NEWB will be informed of its concern outside of quarterly return dates.

Early Collection of Pupils.

  • The school day is 9.10 a.m.-1.50 p.m. in Infant Classes and 9.10a.m.-2.50 p.m. from 1st – 6th Class. Pupils should be at school for the full school day.
  • Pupils should not be collected early from school outside of these times except in exceptional circumstances. A note of explanation/appointment card should be provided to the school in advance.
  • Collecting older siblings when collecting infant pupils or collecting children early to avoid the rush/traffic at home time is not acceptable under our Attendance Policy.
  • Children who are collected before the end of the school day must be signed out by a parent/guardian/carer at the school office. The school keeps this record on file.

Family Holidays.

  • Parents are advised to avoid planning family holidays during school time.


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