Cúpla Focail…

ag caint

Here are some phrases that you can use at home for the week that’s in it:

Dia duit – Hello (Deea gwit)
Dia is Muire duit – Hello to you too (Deea is mura gwit)
Slán – Bye (Slawn)
Slán go fóill – Bye for now (Slawn gu fo-ill)
Conas atá tú? – How are you? (Kunis a taw tu?)
Tá mé … go maith / go dona / ceart go leor – I am well / bad / ok (Taw may … go ma / go duna / cyart go lore)

Ná déan dearmad ar an leabhar –
Don’t forget the book (Naw dane darmad air an lou-er)
Maith thú! – Well done to you! (Ma who!)
An bfhuil tú réidh? – Are you ready? (An will too rayg?)
Déanfaimid an obair bhaile anois – We’ll do the homework now (Dain-fi-meed-an uber walya anish)

Go hiontach – brilliant (Gu heentock)
Is buachaill / cailín iontach thú – You are a great boy/girl (Iss bu-kill / colleen eentuck who)

Taispeáin dom cad a rinne tú aer scoil – Show me what you did at school(Thaspawn dum cad a rinna too ar skul)
Glan an seomra – Clean the room (Glan an shom-ra)
Las an solas / lampa – Turn on the light / lamp (Loss an su-loss / lampa)
Much an solas – Turn off the light (Mook an su-loss)

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