Fit4Feb finished today with a grand finale in the hall.  Congratulations to EVERYONE for making such a great effort to keep their lunches healthy with portions of fruit and veg.

An extra special well done to the following boys and girls who made a particular effort to eat healthily and to excercise during the campaign.  So, well done – Éadaoin, Lottie, Sam, Dara, Callum, Liam, and Ava (photograph 1).  Well done to Maria, John, Caoimhe, Sarah-Jane, Molly and John (photograph 2) as well!



And here is just a taste of our Fit4Feb Finale in the hall today…


Look at the wonderful healthy lunch display that our Senior Infants have created.  Isn’t it fantastic?

image image

Wednesday was another fantastic Fit4Feb day!  A massive thank you to Lisa O’Carroll who volunteered to come in and run circuit training for all of the classes.  It was absolutely brilliant!  We had to do bench presses, bicycle cycling (in the air!), dribbling, squats, star jumps and lots more.  We were exhausted at the end of our session.  Here are some photographs of us in action…

DSCF9720 DSCF9722 DSCF9724 DSCF9725 DSCF9733 DSCF9736

And…just in case you were wondering, here is how you can cycle a bike in the air!

On Tuesday, we worked on our ‘Cha Cha Slide’ – it’s already looking good!  I can’t wait to see it on Friday!

The Junior and Senior Infants ran rings around the rest of the school after big lunch (literally).  They were fantastic at running laps!  Well done to them!

This week, in our online poll, we want to find out what you think the best thing about Fit4Feb has been.  What have you really enjoyed the most?

There are lots of events planned this week including our Dance Off in the hall on Friday….this week, we are going to attempt the Cha Cha Slide!

Some fruit-inspired art work by Lily –



On Friday, our healthy eating awards were handed out.  Congratulations to Ciarán, Jena, Amber, Rebecca, Julie, Matthew, Eve, Jessica, Úna, Niamh, Ciara, Ben, Conor, Ava, Ryan, Darragh and Christian.  They are making an outstanding effort to include fruit and veg as part of their lunch every day!  Let’s all keep it up!


Here are some fruity faces designed by Ms Watson’s class on Wednesday.


Everyone in school took part in the Just a Minute excercises on Tuesday.  Mr Duggan’s class were really JAMmin’!  Here they are –

image image image

Ms Spillane’s class are carefully tracking fruit and veg eating at lunch time.


Week two got underway today.  The search is on for the best veg eaters all week!  We also made new “fitness friends” with boys and girls in a different class.  The first challenge for the fitness friends was to complete 5 stations in the hall.  Here are some photographs of Ms Brennan’s class and Ms Quigley’s class taking part in the challenge.


And here is this weeks dance, we will be practicing in school but why not practice at home too?  There will be another dance-a-thon in the hall on Friday!


Week One ended with the whole school gathering together in the hall to ‘Step it Up’ – can you see yourself in the video?

On Friday, the fabulous fruit eaters were announced.  Every teacher counted how many pieces of fruit every child ate each day this week.  These boys and girls ate the most.  Well done and congratulations to Aidan, Alex, Jack, Ben, Joanne, Ava, Gordon, Eoin, Ted, Richard, Sophia, Fia, Ross and Charlie!

Jan 2014 011

Ms Murphy’s class counted every piece of fruit they ate this week.  The grand total was an impressive 251 portions of fruit!


Next week we will still be keeping track of fruit but we are really going to be counting how many pieces of veg children can eat at lunchtime.

Thursday’s excercises included a 5minute jog –


We we also did some end of yard time excercises in our línes –

image image image

In every classroom, we also kept a close eye on who was eating the most fruit.  The winners will be announced tomorrow!


So far we have been increasing our daily excercise with ‘Step It Up,’ ‘JAMmin’ Time’ and some jogging – when the weather allows!  There is no more lazy lining up after yard time now either – we use those few minutes to work on our fitness – doing star jumps, hopping and marching.  Check back later on this week for photos!

Every classroom is also keeping track of fruit in the lunchboxes.  Who will have eaten the most pieces of fruit by Friday?


From February the 1st Rathpeacon is starting a major fitness drive!  For the full month we will be encouraging healthy eating and participation in sports activities to promote healthy habits.

Every class is already ‘stepping it up’ – here is the video link so that you can try it at home too!

Make sure you vote for your favourite lunchtime fruit here –

Check back for more updates next week!

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