Today – Thursday, 29th May – the Junior Infants went on tour to Fota Wildlife Park.  It was a really great day!  Maybe even the best day EVER!  Here are some photos of the day….

First, we got the bus to Fota.  We waved ‘goodbye’ to our Mums / Dads and Mrs O’Neill.  At 9.30 we just left school behind and drove off!

image image

We arrived in Fota and started our walk around the wildlife park.  It was really hot and sunny!


We stopped to see the giraffes, zebras and some ostriches!

image image

Then it was time for small lunch!  We found some picnic tables and sat with our friends to enjoy some delicious food – especially all the treats!  Yum!


After our lunch, we tidied up and then we went to play in the playground.  It was brilliant.

image image image image

It was time for more walking then!  We saw the flamingoes, loads of monkeys (macaques and lemurs) and three parrots.  We got to go up to the ‘secret passage’ too and admire Cork Harbour.


image image image image image


After climbing Cheetah Hill, it was time for our second picnic.

image image

Then, we went into the playground and took turns on the monkey bars, the giraffe slide and the ostrich slide!

image image image image image image image

imageIt was almost time to head back to school (already!) so we had a quick look at the cheetahs, saw more giraffes and then spent some time in the sand pit.  What a super day!

image image image image

I can’t wait until our next trip!!


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