Green Flag

This month, we are really focussing our attention on our ‘green flag’ campaign.  At the moment, we are working towards our fourth green flag!

Our Green School Committee, works hard to maintain all of our past green campaigns – recycling, saving water and electricity.


To receive our fourth green flag, we need to work on the area of transport.  Every class in the school did a survey to work out how we all travel to school.  Here are some examples of our surveys…

image image image

As you can see, a LOT of cars are driving us to and from school every single day.  We are going to try to change this!

1. A visit from the RSA

The RSA (Road Safety Authority) visited classes from Junior Infants to Second Class to speak to us about becoming safe road users.  They taught us the ‘safe cross code’ and we learned a lot of interesting facts.  Here are some reports we wrote…


Junior Infants sorted pictures into two sets – ‘safe’ and ‘not safe’.


2.  WOW

We took part in the national Walk on Wednesday campaign.  Some children were able to walk to school on Wednesday morning…

imageEveryone took part in a school walk to encourage people to leave cars behind and walk!

image image




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