Healthy Eating Policy

Rathpeacon National School

Healthy Eating Policy

As parents and educators, we are all very conscious of the importance of our children’s diet and how it impacts on their health, development and well-being. Children spend a significant part of the day in school and therefore it is very important that they eat healthy nutritious lunches. This is much easier to encourage when every child is eating the same kinds of food. We are registered as a Health Promoting School (H.P.S) and as part of this; a representative group of parents, teachers and pupils worked together drawing up a policy in 2006.

This healthy eating policy is devised to improve nutrition standards in the school by encouraging healthy eating amongst everybody within the school community.

A survey of pupils in all the classes showed that a wide range of convenience foods with very little nutritional content had replaced the traditional lunch of milk and sandwiches. The responses to a questionnaire sent to parents/guardians indicated that parents/guardians were concerned at this development and as a result
we strongly encourage:

  • That all foods and drinks consumed in the school will follow the guidelines recommended in the food pyramid.
  • We ask you not to give your children any type of crisps or fizzy drinks.
  • Parents/Guardians are requested to provide lunch boxes for safe and clean storage of lunches.
  • Children are also to bring home any unfinished lunches, wrappers and empty milk cartons. It will also highlight what food children have eaten.
  • 1 small treat is permitted on a Friday only.

Healthy Lunch Choices
The following guide is designed to help you provide quick, appetising and nutritious lunches for your children.
Fruit Vegetables
At least one piece per day carrot, cucumber, celery…
Oranges, apples, pears,
mandarins, grapes, plums, bananas,
kiwis, pineapple, peaches, dried fruit,
fruit salad, strawberries etc.

Bread & alternatives Fillers
Bread & rolls Lean meat-turkey/ham/chicken
Pasta Fish
Scones Hardboiled Egg
Wraps, pitta, bagels Cheese
Crackers Salad

Drinks Sample Lunch
Milk ~ A piece of fruit
Water ~ A sandwich
Fruit Juices ~ Water/ Fruit Juice
Diluted squashes (sugar-free)
Yogurt/yogurt drinks

Friday Only – 1 small treat = A cereal bar / a biscuit bar/ a biscuit or a fruit winder.

Success Criteria
The success of this policy will be measured by teacher observation and feedback from parents/guardians and children. It will need the support of parent/guardians, staff and children with occasional input from health professionals i.e. School nurse, dietician, dental hygienist.

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