Infant Curriculum

Brief Overview of the Curriculum for Junior Infants


We follow the Jolly Phonics programme in Rathpeacon N.S.   This is a phonetic approach to learning how to read.  Children learn the sounds of letters and how to blend these sounds together to make words.  They learn to read and write concurrently.  There will be a detailed Jolly Phonics Meeting on Thursday, 18th September 2014 at 1.00pm.  A member of each household should attend.

We also spend time learning Nursery Rhymes, poems, word families, playing oral language games and sharing stories at storytime each day.


Children are taught Irish orally / aurally in Infants.  We do not read or write in Irish.  We learn common phrases, rhymes and some vocabulary.  We listen to stories and sing songs in Irish.  It would be a huge help to your child if you could use some of the words / phrases etc at home also.  You will receive a list of our Irish phrases and words each month.  Irish is part of a two year cycle so Junior and Senior Infants cover the same material at the same time and can have simple conversations ‘as Gaeilge’.


Children learn mathematical concepts such as sorting, matching, comparing and ordering different objects.  We also learn to read and write the numbers 0 – 5.  We practise rote counting and play mathematical games.


SESE – Social, Environmental and Scientific Education – covers History, Geography and Science.  We teach this in a two year cycle – Junior and Senior Infants cover the same topic at the same time.  Themes covered include, for example – Autumn, Bears, People at Work, Outer Space.  A lot of the work your child completes in SESE is kept in their portfolio in school but you can view their work online via the school website – and our Infant Blog.


The three subjects – Art, Music and Drama are covered in Junior Infants.  In Art, the focus is not so much on the work your child produces but on what your child learns by engaging in the creative activity.

In Music, your child will learn songs, simple rhythms and they will develop an appreciation of Music.

Children in our school enjoy Speech and Drama with a visiting specialist teacher.  We also use Drama in Irish time and during Aistear to role-play and pretend.


Children love all kinds of physical activity.  PE lessons take place with the class teacher once a week.  Children can develop skills such as running, jumping, throwing and catching.  In Junior Infants, we also enjoy visits from GAA coaches for Go Games and Gymnastics coaches.


SPHE – Social, Personal and Health Education – deals with your child’s personal development, health and well being.  It helps children to learn how to care for themselves and others.


Rathpeacon N.S. is a Catholic primary school and as such, Religion is taught in every class.  Religion lessons take place and follow the Alive-O programme.  Children in Junior Infants have a religion copy which they will bring home from time to time.

For any further questions regarding the Junior Infant Curriculum you may have please contact the class teacher or go online to

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