The Incredible Years

The Incredible Years

You have already read and agreed to our school’s Code of Behaviour.  From September, your child will be learning about how to do well in school.  In Rathpeacon, have adopted the ‘Incredible Years’ programme.  This means that we have five classroom/school rules.  These rules are the same for all of the Infant classes.

You can help to support your child’s learning by commenting and praising them when you notice them following these rules at home.

Our ‘High 5’ Rules

Listening Ears

This reminds children to quietly listen and pay attention to the speaker. Praise children at home when they are using their listening ears when others are talking.

Looking Eyes

This reminds children to look at the teacher (or the speaker).  Praise children at home when you see them looking at you while you are speaking/showing them something.

Hands to Yourself

This reminds children to keep their hands to themselves.  Praise your son/daughter when they keep their hands to their own body.

Walking Feet

This reminds children about walking slowly.  We save our running feet for P.E. time and yard time.  Praise your child for using their walking feet inside the house.

Inside Voice

This reminds children to learn to talk quietly and not disturb others.  Praise your child for using polite and quiet inside voices.

We introduce these rules one at a time over the course of the first term.  Positive behaviour is always our focus.  Children are praised and encouraged when they follow the ‘High 5’ rules.   


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