Your Child in Primary School

Welcome to Junior Infants

We are very much looking forward to meeting your child in September.  In order that your son/daughter may have a happy introduction to school life next term, we suggest that you consider the following guidelines as recommended by the I.N.T.O. publication – “Your Child in the Primary School.”

Children should be able to:

  • Put on and take off coats and hang them up.
  • Use the toilet properly and wash their hands.
  • Tidy up after their activities carefully and neatly.
  • Share toys and activities.
  • Use a handkerchief or tissue.
  • Put belongings in and out of their school bag or lunch box independently.

Allow your child/children to do things independently.

  • Encourage confidence by having children dress themselves. Please allow extra time for this in the morning.
  • Don’t criticise if things are not exactly to your liking.  Praise their efforts at every opportunity.

Children cannot be independent if they cannot manage the equipment you provide.

  • Please give some thought to the items your child needs to get through the school day.
  • Please get shoes with Velcro fasteners as this will enable your son/daughter to fix his/her own shoes.
  • Choose a lunch box and drink that your child can open easily and does not require assistance.
  • Choose lunches that will ensure he is independent of the teacher.  For example peel his/her orange OR chop up his/her apple before school and open any packed food if your son/daughter cannot manage it him/herself.

Label all your children’s clothes (including jackets) and belongings clearly.

  • Check all labels regularly to ensure that they are still legible.



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