From Rathpeacon to Simotwo

Today, the boys and girls of Fifth Class organised a cake sale which raised €600 for the Yangat Initiative in Kenya.  This charity directly supports and finances a primary school – the Simotwo Academy near Barpello in Kenya.

Simotwo Academy provides schooling and three meals a day to approximately 60 children from the local area.  The children are between 3 and 11 years of age.  The school also employs five teachers and one cook – all of whom are paid through donations.  The school receives no government funding.  The money Fifth Class raised today will go directly to this school.

Well done to all of a Fifth Class and a huge thank you to them all, as well as to their Mums, Dads and Grannies for the help with the yummy baking for this worthy cause!  Just have a look at the selection that was on offer this morning!

Thanks too to everyone who supported the cake sale today!  Hope you enjoyed your cake!

3 thoughts on “From Rathpeacon to Simotwo

  1. I am so proud of the boys and girls in 5th Class and their teachers for organising the cake sale in order to help others. Thank you to all the other children and parents who contributed to such a worthy cause. I’m sure we’ll be hearing from the children in Simotwo National School soon. Well done everyone!

  2. I would like to sincerely thank everyone at Rathpeacon N.S. on behalf of Simotwo National school, firstly for taking the time to listen to my presentation the other day and secondly for the magnificent cake sale that you held. Thanks also for the warm welcome that I received from everyone of you and for the magnificent effort that you have put in so soon after my visit.

    I was amazed at how much money was raised with the cake sale, words can not describe the gratitude that we all at Yangat feel towards all of you in Rathpeacon N.S. it is equally hard to explain to you how much of an improvement to the school and the lives of the students we can achieve with this money alone.
    You have a lovely school and everyone there is so friendly and welcoming, there is also a real positive energy about the place and everyone in it, I still felt this energy long after I left the school.
    Every one of you deserve great credit and a big pat on the back for your efforts.

    Thank you so much
    Mike McCarthy

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