Staff v Sixth – a basketball match with a difference!

We finished our school day today with a basketball battle between Miami Heat (our Sixth Class champions) and a staff team – Duggan’s Dunkin’ Donuts.  The entire school turned out to watch the match although loyalties were divided.

Coaches from Sixth – Rose, Kayanna, Ciara and Anna – tried to instill some discipline on an, at times, unruly staff team.  Mr Duggan captained a team that included Ms Spillane, Ms Watson, Ms Brennan, Mr Keane, Ms Ryan, Ms Griffin, Mrs O’ Brien, Ms O’ Mahony, Ms O’Farrell, Michelle, Mrs O’Neill, Ms Dillon, Ms Twomey, Mrs Kenneally, and Mrs O’Neill!

Mr Sheehan continued his excellent coaching of Miami Heat who brought in some new members for the occasion.  School staff member – Catherine abandoned the staff and sided with the Sixth Class team…almost scoring for them on more than one occasion!

The teachers took the lead very briefly in the the first quarter 2-0 but this wasn’t to last long!  Sixth Class stormed ahead with some great shots on target.  For the majority of the match, Sixth class held a two point lead.  Matthew almost put the game out of sight with a magnificent 3 pointer in the third quarter!  It was 11-8 at the start of the last quarter.

The spectators gave massive amounts of support to both sides.  The Dunkin’ Donuts fought hard – inspired by a team talk from the coaching staff and narrowed the gap to 11-10.  It was very exciting and the pressure was on!  With mere seconds to go, Mr Duggan took a shot and scored the winning basket!  12-11 to the teachers!

The staff team just about scraped the win – on another day, we may not have been so lucky!!  Who knows what next years match might bring?!

A huge thank you to Ms Dennehy who did a magnificent job refereeing the game today.  Thanks also to Sam who did a great commentary and to Sadhbh the match photographer.  Thanks too, to everyone who took part in a great game and a wonderful occasion!