Covid-19 Coronavirus Info

COVID-19 (Coronavirus): Information from the HSE was sent to all families via a link on Aladdin last week. Please ensure you keep up to date with further updates on From the school’s point of view, the most important action we can take, until advised otherwise, is regular hand washing and good hygiene. Please teach your child, as we do in school to:

·         Wash their hands thoroughly every time they use the toilet and before and after eating.

·         Cough/sneeze into their elbow or a tissue and to bin or flush away any tissues immediately.

IMPORTANT: In the event that your child is unwell with fever, cough and/or shortness of breath follow this advice:

·         Keep your child at home and do not go out to public places.

·         Do not bring your child to school.

·         Please phone the child’s GP for medical advice, rather than turning up at the surgery in person.  

·         Make sure that when you phone, you mention your child’s recent travel or any exposure. The health services will arrange for them to get medical help.

Thank you for your co-operation.