Ready Set Read

imageThursday 6th March is World Book Day.  Well, we have decided that one day just isn’t long enough to celebrate books so we are going to have a book fest for March!  This is our new “Ready Set Read” in Rathpeacon link.  You will be able to join in the celebrations here.

The Final Challenge…

Dress Up Day.  On Friday, 28th March, children can come to school dressed up.  You can decide whether to come to school

  • dressed as your favourite character from a book
  • OR
  • dressed up in your pyjamas/dressing gown (to celebrate the bedtime story)

The Third Challenge…

Make a ‘book buddy’ with a boy or girl in another class.  Read stories to each other.  Enjoy a book/books together.  Here are some of the book buddies in action.



Book Buddies in action on Dress Up Day

image image image image image image image image image image

The Second Challenge….

Design a Potato Head Competition

This competition is open to every child in the school.  You can start to plan your spud now but you won’t have to submit your entry until the end of March.

So…you can choose your favourite character from any book that you have read and think about what that character looks like.  You can plan how you might make your spud look a bit like that character (adding eyes, legs etc).

All spuds will be put on display in the hall at the end of the month and the very best Potato Head will be rewarded!

The First Challenge…


Are you brave enough to take up the Extreme Reading Challenge?

Pupils, parents, staff…we challenge you to show us some Extreme Reading! Send in photographs for the school display and website.

See the photos below for some inspiration.  Have fun, use your imagination and remember to stay safe!


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