A Checklist

A General Checklist


You have already received the class booklist; this list will also be available on the school website.  Please cover all books with clear film/contact and label each book with your son/daughter’s name.

School Bag

Always buy a bag large enough to carry A4 size books, copies and lunch boxes.  Remember that most of the workbooks are quite big.  A bag with two straps is best.

Note: No bags with wheels please!  These bags are very dangerous in the líne and cause many accidents.

School Uniform

The school uniform consists of a navy pinafore/pants/skirt, sky blue shirt, navy crested V-neck jumper and a navy tie and dark footwear.  This uniform must be worn every day except on the P.E. day when children should wear their school tracksuit.

The tracksuit consists of a crested light blue T-shirt, navy crested tracksuit top, navy tracksuit pants with runners.  Pupils may wear navy school shorts in warm weather.

All of these are available at Buckley Outfitters on Shandon Street, Cork.

We encourage girls to have their hair tied back at all times.

For health and safety reasons, the wearing of all types of jewellery to school is strongly discouraged.  Your child may be requested to remove any item deemed inappropriate or unsafe in our school environment.

Parent/Teacher Meetings

Parent Teacher Meetings take place in the first term for pupils from First to Sixth Class.  Parent Teacher Meetings for Junior and Senior Infants take place in the second term – after Christmas.

These meetings are an opportunity for you to discuss the progress of your child and to work with the class teacher on any areas which may need to be developed.

Further meetings may be arranged at other times during the year by appointment only via the school office.

Written reports are sent by post in June each year.

School Secretary

Our school secretary (Mrs. Catherine O’Sullivan) deals with much of the school administration and will be able to help you with any queries.  If you need to arrange a meeting with the class teacher please contact Catherine in the office.

The office hours are Monday to Friday 9.30am to 2.30pm

Tel: 021-4394265

Fax: 021-4288472




A year planner is published in June each year for the following school year.  When you are planning holidays, please avoid breaking into term time if at all possible.


Occasionally the school Board of Management and the Parents Association will organise fund raising events which are centred on the family.  School outings will also take place from time to time.  You will receive advance notice of any event which is relevant for your child/children.


Parents Contribution – At the beginning of each school year, the Board of Management may ask each family for a contribution towards the running costs of the school.  Each family is asked to pay towards the cost of Speech and Drama and Gymnastics.  Notification of these fees is given at the beginning of each term.  A reminder regarding school bills is also given to each child towards the end of every term.

Money should be sent in to your son/daughter’s class teacher in a clearly marked envelope.  Your child’s teacher will then issue a receipt.

School Yard

The school yard is divided into different zones for different age groups.  Each area is supervised carefully.


Accidents will occasionally happen.  In the event of an injury to your child while at school, a First Aid Officer will assess the severity of the injury and will administer First Aid as required.  All of our Special Needs Assistants are fully trained in First Aid.

An explanatory note will be sent home with your child and it is recommended that you inspect the injury again yourself.

In the case of more serious injuries, where it is judged medical assistance is required, you will be contacted by phone.  If the teacher is unable to contact you, a local doctor will be called.

Medicine in School

If your son/daughter needs to take any medication in school – inhalers, antibiotics etc – you need to contact the school principal.  Prescribed medication required by pupils will be administered only by teachers but strictly subject to school policy and only on the written request of parents.  Your child is not allowed to have any medication in their school bags without the permission of the school principal.

In-Class Intervention

All children in the school benefit from In-Class Interventions during their time in Rathpeacon.  The class teacher, along with members of our Special Educational Needs Team, will divide the class into small groups.  These smaller groups reduce the pupil:teacher ratio and help us to ensure every child gets an opportunity to develop fine motor skills, concentration, literacy and numeracy skills.

The form of the interventions varies depending on the age/class level of your child.

During their time in school your child will take part in some standardised testing.  You will still be informed before any testing takes place.  These tests may include the Jolly Phonics Reading Assessment; the Middle Infant Screening Test; the MICRA-T and the SIGMA-T.

Health Board Services

The HSE provides vaccinations, dental examinations, and optician’s examinations from time to time.  Notification will be given when they are due to take place and you may be asked to accompany your child – particularly for appointments in Junior Infants.

Referrals may be made to the Educational Psychologist, the Speech Therapist or Occupational Therapist where it is deemed appropriate.  This will always take place in full consultation with parents.

School Bank

Bank of Ireland visits the school once a week.  Children from Junior Infants to Sixth Class have the opportunity to set up a savings account and begin saving regularly.

Text a Parent

We have a ‘Text a Parent’ system in operation.  You will receive texts from time to time in relation to school matters.  Please make sure your contact details are always up to date.


Vehicles are not allowed on the school premises at any time unless they have the express agreement of the school authority.  This is for the safety of all children in Rathpeacon.

We ask you to keep traffic to a minimum outside the school also.  To this end, we encourage you to “Stop, Drop and Go.”  The areas outside the school gate are set down areas only.  Children should be encouraged to walk up the footpath to the school yard.  There are supervising teachers on duty from 9.00am.


At home time each day, the Junior and Senior Infant class teachers walk the children to the main gate where they can be collected.  In senior classes, children walk to either gate under the supervision of the teachers where they can then be collected.

The school must be kept informed regarding who is collecting your son/daughter.  If there is any change in the collection routine, the school must be informed in writing.  In the event of an unexpected change please contact the school office directly.  Children will be supervised by a teacher until they are collected.

Children who travel to or from school by bus are supervised until the bus collects them.  If on any given day your child is not travelling by bus please inform the school in writing or by phone to the school office.

School Photographer

The school organises a professional photographer to visit the school once a year.  This photographer takes individual and class photographs.  More detailed information will be made available closer to the time.


All visitors to the school, including parents, must first report to the school office at the front of the school.  Visitors may not enter the school via the back doors.

Children collected during the school day must be signed out and also signed back in on their return to school.

Birthday Invitations

The Board of Management has made the decision that birthday party invitations are not to be given out during school time or on the school premises.  Teachers/school staff members will not distribute party invitations.

Also, members of staff cannot give out a child’s information – including names or parent/guardian’s phone number – due to the Child Protection Policy we have in place.

Mixed Classes

The arrangement of classes each year depends on the overall number of pupils in the school, the D.E.S. pupil:teacher ratio and the number of class teachers.  While we endeavour to keep classes in a single stream, this is not always possible and ‘mixed’ classes are necessary at certain levels.  This has always been the case in Rathpeacon N.S.

A ‘mixed’ class is where, for example, a combination of 1st and 2nd class pupils are taught together.  Mixed classes can be necessary at any level in the school.  This includes Junior Infants, some of whom might be in a mixed class with Senior Infants.

To assist with these arrangements, teachers work closely together, delivering the curriculum on an alternating two year cycle throughout the school.  This means that with the exception of English and Maths, Junior and Senior Infants will cover the exact same programme of work in any given year.  The same applies to 1st and 2nd classes, 3rd and 4th, 5th and 6th.  For the pupil, this means that the curriculum is fully covered whether he/she is in a ‘mixed’ or straight class.

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